Felt Spring Bird Garland Tutorial

Felt Spring Bird Garland Tutorial

This tutorial was originally posted back in March 2013 on my old blog, Handmade Cuddles.

You’ll need…

  • Felt in spring colours (I used blue, green and yellow for the birds, and pink for the flowers).
  • 2m of 3mm wide white ribbon
  • Scissors, needle & thread (or you could use a glue gun)
  • Our free sewing template

Let’s get started…

  1. Download and print our free template.
    Cut out five flower shapes from pink felt and two bird shapes from the blue, green and yellow felt.
  1. Start at the middle of the ribbon and pin a flower in place.
    Alternating between birds and flowers, pin each shape on to the ribbon, leaving a 5cm gap.
  1. To attach each shape to the ribbon you can either add a few stitches, or use a glue gun.

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